Big changes to the little things a powerbank can do

The power of modularity.

Now in a powerbank.

Early Bird prices starting at $49

Snap and Go Design

Built with modularity in mind, Flint Charge easily snaps onto your lifestyle.

Wireless Freedom

Choose between minimalism or having extra backup with Flint Charge's modular design.

Stay Productive. Be Powerful.

Nothing can stop you from working whenever and wherever you want.

on the go

Stay on top of your day by focussing on only what matters

Sharing is Caring

Power for you and your friends!


Just your gadgets and a Flint Charge is all you'll need

Unique Design

Get ready to stand out from the crowd by charging from a powerbank that's like no other...
Classic White
Shy Pink
Curious Blue
Chief Black

Powersnaps work with all QI enabled gadgets.

Means your AirPods
can charge too!

But sizing is compatible only with phones that have screens  6” and above.

Check compatibility

Every Flint Charge you get helps change the world too.

Flint Charge

Height: XXmm   Width: XXmm   Thickness: XXmm      Weight: XXg
Total Capacity: 14,000 mAh


Height: XXmm   Width: XXmm   Thickness: XXmm        Weight: XXg
Total Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Ports:  USB A (1) Output only
              USB C (2) Output only
              USB C (3) Input/Output
Built-In Components: 5 Point LED, Trigger button


Height: XXmm   Width: XXmm   Thickness: XXmm    Weight: XXg
Total Capacity: 2500 mAh each (2)
Output: Wireless Charging XXW
Built-In Components: Slot LED, Charging pins



Flint Charge

Powersnaps are compatible .......

We made a simple guide to help you check the compatibility of Powersnaps with your phone.

All you need is just a credit card or any card similar in size.

Click here to access the guide

Frequently asked questions

What makes Flint Charge different?

Flint Charge is packaged in the size of a regular powerbank. However, it consists of 3 battery cells; 2 Powersnaps and 1 PowerCore. Each PowerSnap has a thin form-factor and is able to charge Qi-enabled devices wirelessly, as well as magnetically attaching to your mobile devices with the help of the included magnetic tabs. The PowerCore on the other hand works as a conventional powerbank, providing power to devices via cables as well as recharging the smaller-capacity PowerSnaps!

Can I use Flint Charge as a normal powerbank as well?

Yes! The PowerCore consists 3 USB ports; 1 USB Type-A and 2 USB Type-C, with 1 USB Type-C reserve for charging the PowerCore. Fun fact: Adding in PowerSnaps can also increase your total battery charge!

Is my phone compatible with a Powersnap?

Powersnaps can work with all QI enabled devices, meaning your phones and even AirPods can charge with it! The size is compatible with phone screen sizes 6” and above. To check it with your phone, just use the simple guide we made for you in the campaign page.

How does my Powersnap magnetically attach to my phone?

2x Magnetic Tabs are included with every Flint Charge backed. This magnetic tab can be easily attached to the bottom center of your phone or case using the simple instructions that will be given in the box. Universal removable glue will be used in the tabs to lets you conveniently attach and detach it from your phone/case without leaving a single mark.

What if I want to retain charge on the PowerCore?

Not a problem! The PowerCore comes with a button that can halt the charging of the PowerSnaps. This way, power can be retained on the PowerCore if your day requires more use of a conventional, wire-charging powerbank!

How confident is the team to be able to bring the project to life?

Flint Charge is backed by a team with more than 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, logistics, and battery industry. The team has already completed work on the electrical and structural designs and once crowdfunding is on track, we will begin work on a production model to test other functions. Timely updates on our progress will be shared to keep our backers posted. Every pledge, no matter the amount is an encouragement for us to make the best out of Flint Charge!