Inspired by Nature, For our Planet

Planka Buro

Inspired by Nature, For our Planet

Our world is moving to a greener future

But are the batteries we're using green?

Our mission is simple.

We're here to build the most sustainable battery.
To help accelerate the world's transition to green
energy in the most practical way possible.
One step at a time.


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Mother Nature Approved


Lower Carbon Footprint

Batteries made from natural, non-toxic materials and produced using less carbon intensive methods, enabling easier and faster market adoption.


Flexible Design

Seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes without requiring overhaul of product design or production lines.


Safer Chemistry

Incorporates non-flammable hydrogel electrolytes, and addresses safety concerns associated with conventional battery technologies like overheating and fires.


Cost Efficiency

By using abundant and market-ready materials, our proprietary chemistry makes it a cost-effective and scalable solution for the industry.

Why Paper?

We look to nature for inspiration. Our goal was to build a battery inspired by the intricate structure of cellulose found in paper. This innovation eventually became one of our integral components.

Sustainable Power, Purely Pioneering


Our choice of materials—paper, hydrogel, zinc, and manganese— reflects our commitment to sustainability. These abundant, ecofriendly elements address the challenges of scarcity, providing a viable solution for a world in need.

Circular Energy Beyond Power


Conventional batteries impose limitations, dictating terms to our devices. We hope to change that narrative. What if batteries could adapt and evolve seamlessly with the products they power? This wouldn’t just be a possibility; it's a step towards a sustainable, more circular future.

Breaking Limits, Building Tomorrow


Current batteries are shaped by constraints. What if batteries weren't confined by form, size, scarcity, or danger? Designed around products rather than limitations, Flint Paper Batteries open the door to a new era of innovation without boundaries. In a world eager for progress, constraints should be a thing of the past.

Quality without compromise
It's the Flint philosophy

Natural, Non-Toxic Materials

By steering away from the use of toxic and scarce elements like Lithium, Lead, Nickel, and Cobalt in our chemistry, we set ourselves apart as pioneers in clean energy battery development.


One of these batteries is Flint, while the other is not. Can you tell them apart? Our battery design, inspired from Lithium-ion, looks and functions just like any other battery.

End-of-Life Disposal?

No worries. Our battery chemistry is fully compostable and biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle. This not only simplifies recycling but also makes it much more costeffective.

Proprietary to the core

Having achieved a TRL of 4/5 & filed patents for both our fabrication process & chemistry, we're now perfectly positioned for market entry as we commercialize & bring our product to the world.

When we started, the science did not exist.

After years of research, now it does.

Thanks to the hearts behind Flint. We’re a collective of one heart and many hands — scientists, technologists, designers — joining forces to accomplish together what we cannot accomplish alone.

Hear it from our accomplishments

Tech Crunch Disrupt

Flint stood out among 3200+ companies worldwide, securing a position in the Top 20 most innovative and promising startups featured at TechCrunch's prestigious annual event, 'Disrupt 2023,' held in San Francisco. Notably, Flint was the only company from Asia included in this esteemed list.

Official Shell Partnership

Flint teams up with Shell, one of the biggest players in the energy industry! This partnership will help us in commercializing our innovations, and in maximizing green energy in the future.

Channel News Asia Feature

Flint was recently featured in Channel New Asia's three-part documentary series, entitled "Our World to Change". The segment delves into our production process and our labs.

Techblazer Awards

Flint won the Gold Techblazer Award last August 2023, which is known to be Singapore's most prestigious award for innovation.

IES Awards

Last November 2023, Flint was awarded the "Promising Startups for Sustainability" Award by IES, a society well-trusted by the SG government to give professional input on engineering matters.

Climate Neutral Certification

Change Climate Project officially labeled Flint as "carbon neutral", acknowledging our efforts to help lead the world to a zero-carbon future.

Still have questions?

Lets figure it out together

What is a paper battery?

A paper battery is an innovative energy storage device crafted from cellulose paper infused with environmentally friendly materials like zinc and manganese. It provides a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to conventional batteries.

How is a paper battery different from traditional batteries?

Unlike traditional batteries that rely on elements like lithium, nickel, and cobalt, a paper battery is composed of natural, non-toxic materials. This makes it safer for the environment and human health.

What are the key advantages of using paper batteries?

Paper batteries offer several advantages including safety, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and adaptability in design. They are also compostable, reducing end-of-life waste.

In which applications can paper batteries be used?

Paper batteries are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. These include portable electronics, energy storage systems, remote sensors, medical devices, and more.

How long does a paper battery last?

The lifespan of a paper battery depends on factors like usage patterns and environmental conditions. Generally, paper batteries have a competitive lifespan similar to conventional batteries.

Are paper batteries flexible?

Yes, paper batteries have a flexible design, allowing them to be manufactured in various shapes. This opens up new possibilities for integrating them into products and devices.

Are there any safety concerns associated with paper batteries?

Paper batteries are inherently safer than traditional batteries due to their non-toxic composition. They do not pose the same risks of fire or leakage of hazardous materials.

Can paper batteries be recycled?

Yes, paper batteries are compostable and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. This reduces end-of-life waste and supports sustainable disposal practices.

Is Flint currently selling paper batteries to consumers?

At present, Flint is focused on research, development, and pilot projects. We are working towards commercializing our paper battery technology in the near future.

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